Whoa Baby

I’m at the beach sitting on our screened-in porch, mindlessly scrolling through a website just as my phone rings and draws me back to the immediate. I see it’s my daughter Kara calling. I answer and she says, “Hi Mom, um, I have something to tell you.” That’s a hell of a lead in. She… Read More »

Last One Leaves the Nest

I am getting items together and gathering them on the dining room table. Jake is getting ready to leave the nest and embark on a life of his own making. I am happy for him, really I am. It’s his time and he is excited to take this next definitive step. I gather things that… Read More »

And Then There Were Two

He said “Mom – stay for a month.” I tell him I’m not sure I can do that but will stay for as long as I can. I am, after all, the mother in law. This can often be a dreaded moniker. I’m hopeful it doesn’t get personal. We try to come up with a… Read More »


They kept telling me there was nothing like it. They kept saying that all of your other issues and problems seem to melt away – sort of fade out of your trouble laden heart. I could only imagine it. At best, I could only try to absorb the magnitude of what they were saying. But… Read More »

Thanks Jane

The shared experience of navigating love and loss is a tough process. Trying to walk the steps of grief is difficult to do alone. So while in the thick of it, you instinctively reach for anything or anyone that can give you a hand while making the trek. It’s a lonely walk, to be… Read More »

Being Grateful

When I think of where I was during the holiday season a year ago, and where I was this year, there is a huge divide. Or more realistically, my emotions covered extremes. Last year at this time, I was hit with an enormity of sorrow for a myriad of reasons. The ever present sadness… Read More »


I went to the cemetery to talk to Mommy and Daddy. My dad was actually buried there, but my mom who had passed away 35 years before, was not. She had given her body to science, and then was cremated. My father’s desire was to always have a place for both of them and so… Read More »

Farewell, Friend

Saying goodbye is never easy, but it’s getting increasingly more difficult as we say goodbye to another one of our group, as we think of ourselves as an extended family. Saying goodbye to another one of our own, that was taken from this life way to early and especially to cancer, is more than any… Read More »

What I’ve Learned

What I’ve learned is I still want and miss my old life, and I still want to be married to Wes. What I hope is that he is looking down on me and is proud. Proud that I’ve made it, or making it, and proud that the kids are doing well and making it… Read More »

Hello God?

“Honor the space between no more and not yet.” It’s a quote I have pinned on my Pinterest board called “Words.” It seems as if I have to let these words, any words actually, seep into my brain before I can actually acknowledge their meaning and what their message means to me. So in my… Read More »